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Starting a Business

Incorporation, restricted stock subscriptions and vesting plans.

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Cofounder Agreements

Quick, customized cofounder agreements for startups under Canadian law. 

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We can assist with planning and launching crowdfunding campaigns.


Privacy Law

Data processing agreements, privacy policies and privacy law compliance.

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Internet & e-commerce

Website development agreements. Full terms for websites and applications.

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Share Purchase Agreements

We facilitate and act for clients that buying and selling shares in a private corporation.


IP & Technology

Trademark, copyright, software licensing and domain names. 

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Incorporation, restricted stock subscriptions and vesting plans.


Virtual GC

Act as general counsel for company matters and commercial contracts.

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Corporate Reorganization

We assist with protection plans, tax rollovers and holding companies.


Pre-Litigation Disputes

We help companies and shareholders resolve pre-litigation disputes.

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Employment Law

Assist with employment and independent contractor agreements. Hiring and firing.